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Online networking is the new way to go about things right?
If you've found your way here, then hopefully the contents will take your fancy and make it worthwhile having visited.

I'm currently a second year university student at Falmouth University, UK studying for a BA (Hons) English, going by the name of Florence Hinton-Collyer.

This blog, website and portfolio of sorts has been made in order make my work readily accessible for anyone wishing to read and examine it. The work featured here reflects a range of areas of which I've been involved in and would like to continue being involved in.

As for the future, I'm determined to forge a career in writing and publishing, and am currecntly seeking any and all opportunities in the forms of work experience, internships and part time jobs that will be able to teach me the practicalities of the industry that cannot be taught in the lecture theatre.

I'm a literary fanatic and since being at uni have founded and edited my own fanzine 'FoulMouth' as well as having short stories published in student journals and working with Cornwall & Devon Media Limited to write a number of articles for a new Cornwall student magazine 'Toast'. I have also worked for the online review site RenownedForSound.com, popular in both the UK, States, and Australia as the chief reviewer of the LGBT cinema section, reviewing new releases and conducting interviews with the cast and crew of various films.

Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]

Currrent Projects

  • Selected for authorial workshops with Lionel Shriver (We Need to Talk About Kevin, So Much For That)
  • Shortlisted for October flash fiction competition - 99fiction.com
  • On a quest for internships and placements within the publishing and journalism industries
  • Working on a novel
  • Preparing opinion articles for Berlin magazine, Sensa Nostra
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